Pressure seal checks and documents are created to be tamper-proof. The contents cannot be viewed without obvious proof of tampering with the check or document that has been sealed. These checks and documents also have a security watermark, making the contents impossible to view without opening.

Pressure seal machines operate at a much faster speed than folder inserters, making pressure seal machines ideal for bulk mailing. Eliminate ordering and stuffing envelopes internally.

It is more cost effective to use pressure seal checks and forms than it is to fold and stuff paper into an envelope. Pressure seal machines cost less than envelope stuffing machines and will save you time and money. They eliminate the need of an envelope, cutting down on waste and internal labor costs to stuff your documents.

Consider using pressure seal for:
- Check Printing
- W-2 and 1099 Tax Forms
- Invoices
- Statements
- Delinquent Notices
- Customer Letters
- Refunds or Rebates
- Purchase Orders
- Promotions

Folder/Sealer Comparison Chart:
Click to view comparison chart
Click to view comparison chart

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